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Bourck D. Cashmore, M.D.

Bourck D. Cashmore, M.D.
Orthopaedic Surgeon

Expertise: Shoulders, Hips, and Knees, Orthopaedic Trauma and Sports Medicine

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Surgical Treatments for Knee Cartilage Injuries

Cartilage damage of the knee is a common athletic injury. Surgeons at Northern Arizona Orthopaedics see these injuries among athletes of all ages and at all levels of competition. Fortunately, athletes have many treatment options.

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Advancing Rotator Cuff Repair

For some patients surgery remains the only option when symptoms of a rotator cuff tear become too severe. Thankfully surgical treatment options have advanced in recent years to make the procedure, recovery, and rehabilitation easier than ever before.

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Hip Replacement Surgery Less Invasive

Every year the number of people undergoing total hip replacement surgery to replace their arthritic joint increases. Nearly 250,000 total hip replacement procedures are performed each year. Fortunately, medical advancements such as minimally invasive techniques have helped ease patients’ apprehension regarding this surgery.

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Tennis Elbow Not Just Tennis-Related

You don’t have to play tennis to suffer from tennis elbow. In fact, tennis elbow is the most common elbow injury that orthopaedists see. What is it, how does it occur, and how is it treated?

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