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Featured Specialty: Foot & Ankle

The specialty-trained foot and ankle doctors at Southern California Orthopedic Institute have experience diagnosing and treating all injuries and conditions of the foot and ankle as well as performing other complex surgical procedures.

If you’re experiencing foot or ankle pain, you can feel confident choosing Southern California Orthopedic Institute for your care.

Our Featured Foot & Ankle Specialists


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Can Foot Form Affect Running Injuries?

A recent study suggests that an individual’s running form may affect his or her chances of sustaining an injury. Read on to discover if you’re at a higher risk of injury and how the experts at Southern California Orthopedic Institute can help you can stay injury-free.

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Meet Our Newest Doctors, Dr. John L. Etcheverry and Dr. Maxim Moradian!

Please help us welcome the newest additions to our team of doctors at Southern California Orthopedic Institute, board-certified podiatrist Dr. John L. Etcheverry and board-certified interventional pain management specialist Dr. Maxim Moradian.

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SCOI Sports Medicine Fellowship

The Southern California Orthopedic Institute’s Sports Medicine Fellowship held its Third Quinquennial Reunion and Educational Symposium at the Downtown Marriott in Chicago, Illinois, July 9-11. Learn more about the history of this prestigious fellowship program.

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Treating Shoulder Instability

With the largest range of motion of any joint in the body, the shoulder is the body’s most free-moving joint, allowing you to stretch, reach, and perform simple tasks such as waving to a friend, moving your mouse at your desk, or combing your hair. But if you’re suffering from shoulder instability, those tasks can become much more difficult. Learn how the shoulder doctors at Southern California Orthopedic Institute can treat your pain.

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What to Eat for Strong and Healthy Bones

Regardless of age, maintaining strong bones is an essential part of preventing bone diseases such as arthritis and osteoporosis. Find out what to eat and what to avoid with these helpful suggestions from Southern California Orthopedic Institute.

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Connect with Southern California Orthopedic Institute on Facebook and Twitter, and stay up to date on practice news, surgical advancements, injury trends, health and injury prevention tips, and more.

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